Steven Jackson More Credit
2017-11-23 07:29
The talk of the great running backs seems limited to the duo of Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson, at times. While there other elite running backs in the league, it seems as if this duo, in mixed order, seem to always take the number one or two spot on anybody’s list of whom they think are the best running back in the league. Now, don’t get me wrong here, neither Peterson nor Johnson is a bad choice, or a bad running back, far from the truth. But there is somebody in the league right now who just may be better than both of them, who just happens to be stuck on a terrible team. That man is the St Louis Rams’ Steven Jackson. Maybe he should deserve to be the number one, and here is why.

Jackson has been stuck on mediocre teams his whole career. Maybe that is why he does not get the credit he deserves. It is tough to consider someone the best running back when their team is not winning games. But it sure as hell is not like Jackson isn’t doing everything in his power to try and do something about it.

Jackson rushed for 1,416 yards last season, missing one game. If there is one knock on him, it is that he did fall to some injury problems. Let’s put that aside though, running back is a bruising position where you are going to take some lumps along the way. Let’s look at the impressive. First, and foremost, the Rams had no massing game. Yet, Jackson still ran for nearly 1,500 yards, and caught for 322 more yards. This is with him being the sole focus of opposing defenses.

Let’s not forget the Rams offensive line. Or should I say, the dreadful Rams offensive line. The offensive line has allowed 40 plus sacks for the last 10 seasons. Last season seemed to be a game of musical chairs, with new players rotating in and out of the lineup, or in and out of a different spot on the line. There was simply no chance for any kind of cohesiveness out of the unit. Yet Jackson was still able to somehow find holes behind these guys. I’m not sure God himself could have rushed for 1,000 yards behind that line, but Jackson somehow did so.

Jackson is also a touchdown machine, and a great receiver, having a 90 catch season in the past. While Jackson may not be the complete best in the game, he is far away from an afterthought. I feel bad that he could not have played for a better team in his career, but hopefully the Rams can turn it around for him.

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